Humanity Welfare Trust


Humanity Welfare Trust is a UK based charity organization that strives to work for humanitarian aid. Our mission is to make every effort to bring humanity closer together through supporting and assisting the world’s poorest and needy communities by responding quickly to emergencies, and undertaking sustainable development projects to break cycles of endemic poverty.

History of Humanity welfare trust

We have been volunteering and serving the community since 2004. In 2017 we decided to create our own charity and focus on this full time because we could not bear the suffering taking place in the world anymore. We work with the hope of being able to help as many as possible. We base all our efforts upon the teachings of Islam.

humanity welfare trust funding

We work on a 100% donations policy. We receive no government funding and entirely rely upon the generosity of individuals and businesses that help us with our work. Whatever assistance we can offer is an indication of the generosity of our supporters. We humbly thank you and ensure 100% of every penny received goes directly to the cause.

Where we work

Since most of our work is onsite field work, we plan to develop field groups/ offices in susceptible areas where we work to provide relief and care. We work worldwide, but our most prevalent work is for Pakistan, Burma and Syria till date.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED & HELP US make a difference